Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fashion bug

Oscar de la renta
Diane von Furstenburg
Carolina Herrera
Jean Paul Gaultier (Couture)

4 designers that I absolutely love. Just thought I'd let everyone know. No real reason.

I've decided not to attend law school - at least for now. The LSAT is on Dec. 6th and I had not started studying until Thanksgiving. I took a diagnostic test for Kaplan and I didn't make a high score, actually pretty low. And given that the test is less than 2 weeks away, I did not feel like there was any way that I could fully prepare myself. It's my own fault. I waited too long.

So, now I've got to figure out what to do with my life. It's hard to decide what you want to do when you're only 20! Especially when you're about to graduate b/c maybe there are some things that you would like to do, but that you need more experience for, another type of degree for and so the door is shut. Sucks. Man if I could do it over...but I can't.

I've got three options that I can foresee: find a job, teach for america (who's already called me), and get an MBA. I gotta say, I'm kinda leaning toward teach for america for 2 years and then get an MBA because most MBA programs require that you have two years of experience anyway. AND, most of the jobs that I've been looking at, at places that I would want to work, require an MBA but ALSO require 2-5 years of experience as well. So getting an MBA so soon may make me overqualified for some jobs and underqualified for others. I don't know, something to think about.

Still got about 16 pages of stuff to write this weekend and part of next week for a journal due on Monday. We'll see how that goes. I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!

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luke said...

I think I can understand what that was like to give up on law school (for now).

I was recently on the line for writing a book - had signed a contract and everything. But then life pretty much kept getting in the way and I was supposed to have 1/2 of the book done by Dec. 6th, which was never going to happen because I had only finished a rough Table of Contents by Thanksgiving. So I had to tell the editor that I needed to give up on it. Kinda sucks to miss out on the opportunity, but at the same time it's something of a relief too.

I don't know what "teaching for america" means but I think you'd make a good teacher. It also might be nice to get away from the student side of school for a while. :)