Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Break

I've still been thinking about creativity since we discussed it at Agora on Saturday night. It's something that I've already been dealing with - just read my first post. I was telling my friend about how I had lost my creative juices and she helped me feel better about myself. She said, "Kelsy, maybe you're just in a slump". Maybe...Hopefully...

I saw Twilight the movie yesterday. It was ok...just blah. It was slow. I didn't like who they picked for Edward - his acting sucked and he was a little weird. Their chemistry was COMPLETELY off. Yuck. Hated that. The only thing I liked was how I could see some transition parts better now because of the movie - like driving in the car, or rushing to keep Bella out of harms way. I'm definitely going to have to go back and reread the books now! Well, when I find the time.

It's Thanksgiving break and I will be working on - my OB paper, my diplomacy journal, my two page summaries for ten articles, two five page papers, and the LSAT. Not much of a break. Thankfully, most of the OB paper is done - just some very minute fine tuning stuff. And also, my diplomacy journal is basically good too - just very unedited right now, very raw. So that leaves, what, only 30 more pages of stuff to write...WHAT??? PLUS studying for the LSAT!! Great...I know my partner is writing one of the five page really it's like 25 pages.

We're meeting tomorrow for that stuff and hopefuly we'll get it done before Wednesday so I can have the rest of the break to study for the LSAT and actually relax because obviously I'm not going to really study on Thanksgiving. Heck, I hope I at least get to study period. I haven't. even. started. NOT. GOOD. FREAKING OUT!

Anyway, I hope that everyone else is having a great Thanksgiving holiday. I will be SO happy when this semester is OVER!

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