Friday, July 24, 2009

My History

My mom was doing a little cleaning yesterday in her room, going through her drawers and putting things into "keep" and "donate" piles.

She stumbled across the geneology books from her mom and dad and we opened them back up to take a look. It had been almost 4 years or so since we had last seen them.

I found out that I am definitely a heinz 57 of a human, a mutt! But, not in the negative sense of the word.

From my grandma's side I am: German, Italian, Swiss, French and English.
From my grandpa's side I am: Dutch, English, Irish, German, and French.

Not to mention that my great great grandmother on my dad's side was full blood Chickasaw Indian as well as their, no doubt, multicultural background.

So, yes I have many different origins and cultures in my family history from a civil war 145th regiment soldier to a lord mayor in England, a relative that was alive when King Edward I was in reign, to the first descendants that landed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, to a Van Winkle that owned the original War Eagle mill in Arkansas and most of the county.

It was an interesting look back at history, a nostalgic afternoon.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

July Post

I have enrolled for classes for this fall semester at TU. I am just taking 12 hours! Which will be so different from the 17 I used to take. What will I do with my time??

I think I have decided to pursue medical school...despite the stupid threatening health care reform. It was what I originally wanted to do when I graduated from high school. I've just changed my mind so many times...lost myself a little bit. It's also an extended "make up your mind" time...if I go into these bio and chem classes and absolutely hate them...well, then I haven't really lost much. It's basically what I would be doing if I didn't take the AP classes so I'm pumped. a caddy moment...I looked up some of my old crushes on facebook from high school and one from college tonight. They are almost ALL single or ugly now! YAY! HAHAHAHAHA I love it. I think I will LOVE going to my ten year high school reunion and seeing all of the popular people with wrinkles, fat and old. Makes my night! Ah.

My birthday is in two days! The 20th! I will be 21! I'm excited! I'm not 100% sure what I'll be doing...but I know that I'm going out on my birthday and that next weekend as well. I plan on having a good time! ;)

Also, I officially do not have an ulcer. They did an EGD two days ago and there's no hole in my stomach causing me ulcer-like pains. Instead, I have bile in my stomach...which my gastro thinks causes the pain instead. I just hope he's right and that this new medicine will make the pain go away. He told me that with all of my stomach problems, I need to be on prozac! LOL....he's so right. I plan on getting me some good drugs soon! :-)

Anyway, George of the Jungle is on...I'm gonna go watch it or go to sleep. Night ya'll.