Sunday, July 31, 2011

I realized three days after applying to TCC that I had not received an acceptance e-mail because they are waiting for my transcripts. All four of them - High School, 2 Undergrad colleges and 1 Grad college.

Hopefully, they will receive these soon so I can enroll in classes!

I just got back from a weekend in Arkansas with the cuz, her son and my sister. We had a pretty good time. There's never really anything exciting, just spending time with each other. It means a lot to her, otherwise I just wouldn't go. Haley was very glad that she was treated well -- I told her there was no reason to worry. So, all in all it was a successfully splendid weekend away. Good for both of us. We're all really tired for some reason though.

I still need to contact people to shadow...I look at Colton and Liam and Zander, and it seems as though you can tell now what they will succeed in at some point in the future. Zander is very intellectual and great at english. Liam is much more physical in nature and does not like to sit still. I think he'll do something with his hands. And Colton likes putting things away and playing with cords so I'm imagining him becoming an engineer, electrician or pro golfer :) I just wish my mom had made a mental note of me at that age and could tell me now what she was thinking for me.

I realize how stupid it sounds that I am wanting to, again, change my path. But, people do it all the time. And, so many people do not have the same opportunities that I am blessed why not take advantage of my situation and place in life and go for more. I do not want to settle. And, I never saw myself as something other than a person with a PhD, MD or other doctorate of some sort. I know that no matter what I choose I'll do it well -- it's just finding something that I would like to do for a long time.

Dr. Habashi said, "I have no doubt that whatever you choose you will do good". I replied, "yes, I know I'll give my best into whatever I choose and I'll be good at it." She said, "No, not do well in the job, but do good for others." That really stuck with me. I hope it does for a long time.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


My birthday is today and I want this to be the start of a new year. Which means, my diet has got to start tomorrow or within the next couple of days.

I am thinking that I want to continue with school, especially after talking with an academic mentor of mine.

It's no secret that I've had trouble trying to decide on what to do next. I had a discussion with a life coach and she suggested that it was time that I get a job. Get some on the job training instead of academic/university training.

So, after graduating I was somewhat set on that direction. I began applying to lots of jobs only to get turned down. It's hard to find a job out there!

Then, I met with my mentor a week ago and she asked me why I was going to get a job. What my plan was for the future. I told her I had no idea...I was just applying for anything that looked interesting to me. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do in five years.

She kind of confronted me and asked me why I would do that instead of taking more classes or doing something that would interest me more. It was a good question. Made me think!

I told her that I was interested in oncology, OB/GYN, neonatologist, and physical therapy. Those are things I keep coming back to whenever I think of my "options".

So, I think I am going to enroll in prerequisite courses for PT, at least for right now. I'll go to TCC. It'll take me a year to complete the prereq's for PT. Probably 2 or more years of prereq's for med school if that's what I decide to do. I plan on shadowing a PT and a doctor. In fact, I need to call someone soon so I can do that.

I'm the type of person that has to get my hands dirty and immerse myself in the role to know if I will like it. It's how I've known about what I haven't liked before. So, I think it will really help to do some observation and shadowing.

And, that means I have at least a year to get back in shape. That should be plenty of time to lose at least 70 pounds and plenty of time to figure out my next steps.

Here goes nothing!!