Monday, January 26, 2009

Leave the crap in the past!

So I had only one class today because of the weather. My 11 o'clock Human Resource Management Class.

I thought that last year's negotiations class was behind me. Frankly, I'm soooo sick of talking about it. I hated that diplomacy game! I've tried to move on and to be friends to my foes from last semester because most of them are in my 11 o'clock class...and I thought we had.

Well, today as class was ending AJ, Ivana and JB come up to me, blocking everyone else from leaving from their aisle, and asked me what grade I made in negotiations.

First of all, it's none of their business what grade I made! I wasn't going to answer. I had already told Lizzie, I think, because she's my friend and it really didn't matter at the time (she was on Russia's team just so you know and they screwed us over). I knew that she would ask me, I'd tell her, I'd ask her, she'd tell me, and we'd move on. Which we did. It was great haha.

So, anyway. I just sat there looking at JB, AJ and Ivana thinking to myself that I wasn't going to answer. AJ says "Come on Kelsy, don't be sneaky. Tell us what grade you made!!" when I hestitated.

Because there were people waiting and because I wanted to leave so that I could get home before the roads started to ice, I was about to tell him. But, I said "What did you make AJ?" thinking that that might make him stop. But no, he says, JB says and Ivana says "I made an A".

I said, "Fine, ok, I made an A also".

To which AJ, Ivana and JB get angry saying "WHAT??? How could you have gotten an A?"

I said "I wrote 150 pages for that class!!" I F*CKIN deserved an A! Ok, I really did. Especially with all the crap they put everyone through!!

AJ says "O that's bull crap! You snake! You're so sneaky! Our journal had pictures..."

Ivana seconds him and says "Yea ours had pictures and profiles..."

JB seconds AJ and Ivana also saying "You snake, you snake!" And it continues on for a few seconds. They finally left and I said under my breath "I hate that they still bring up that crap!"

Emily said "Why did they just ask you your grade?".

OOOOO I'm so pissed. I am now reminded why I kept my distance this semester. Yes, I've been friendly, but I've also been trying to ignore them unless necessary to talk to them.

What assholes! What complete assholes! Grrrrrr!

My own professor, I guess could see that I was getting agitated (apparently I have a very good "don't mess with me"/"go to hell" look haha...and I was probably turning red from my bp going up) asked me basically what was up. She said "Kelsy who's your negotiations professor?".

Diego and Raven were also in the room still. Diego and I told her "Professor Wolfe". So she said "So...what's up with the class?". Diego, Raven and I told her that it was interesting, that the people started getting emotional. Diego said "yea, the class participation was just..." as he motioned his hands clawing towards each other.

I said "yea, people were getting angry...but the important thing is that it was last semester! The class is over and I wish they'd stop bringing i up".

She said "Yea, I understand". Raven even looked like she was going to get angry all over again.

It was last semester. It was last semester. It was last semester!!!!! Get over it! Get over it Kelsy. I got an A! And an A is what I deserved.


Kristi said...

What everyone may fail to see is that the grade may not depend on the outcome, but the experience of it all. The professor probably cares more that everyone walked away with some negotiating experience, than about the final reports. He may have given everyone an A. Or he may have seen the crap going on behind the scenes and graded based on his own personal judgment. Bottom line is, you got an A. Screw everyone else.

FHL_Always said...

Haha at first when I read what you wrote I thought that you were mocking that other guy that wrote on my last blog. "What everyone may fail to see" lol.

I definitely agree. I've had teachers do that before. They do that in orchestra - give everyone an A. I just think that how they handled it today was inappropriate and mean. That's what made me angry.

Naida Lee said...

that is like, so middle school... ;)

FHL_Always said...

I agree Naida! Totally middle school

luke said...

That's what I was going to say - it seems like one of those poorly-written middle school shows on Disney or something.