Saturday, January 24, 2009


This economy is starting to scare me. My mom had three or four co-workers get laid off this past week. One was on her team and was previously on maternity leave. One was a friend that had worked for IBM for 26 years! And one was a man that she worked closely with, although not on the same team. She was heartbroken for her friends, and scared at the same time that she might lose her own job. It's scary!

I know that Boeing is hiring, however I'm scared that if I quit school and take a job with them (assuming I'd even get offered the job) that I might lose it later and then would either have to search for a new job without insurance (because I'm covered now as long as I'm in school, but I wouldn't be if I stopped my education and took a job), or go back to school and try to find work to support myself. Plus, Boeing is hiring mostly in the northwest and southwest. Not really in Oklahoma. Which I previously would've been ecstatic for! I'd love to live in Seattle or San Diego! But now, what if I took a job over there and then got laid off...what then? Come home? Or try to make it alone over there? And then, do I even want to work for Boeing? Is that the career field I want? Or should I stay in school and try to figure out what to do? So many stinkin' questions!

I guess it's good that at least someone is hiring. My dad told me that Fortune has it's 2009 list of top 10 companies to work for, and only three of them are hiring!

Definitely makes me want to just stay in school until this recession passes.

Side note -- What do you all think about global warming? My mom and dad had this little discussion in the car last night. My dad thinks it's hilarious bull-crap and that it's either global cooling/warming...that it changes everyday. His premise is that it's cyclical (which there are patterns that occur over time, I'll give him that). My mom says that it shouldn't matter if it's global warming/cooling/frosting or whatever. It says in Genesis that we are stewards of the earth. That we were left in charge to take care of it. I have to agree with her. But then there are other issues such as rising fuel costs, additional taxes, etc. that my dad says could be a burden when there are other things to worry about. So...anyway...enough of me rambling. What's your opinion?

Also, I'm soooo happy that I have found two speakers for my Management Honor Society this semester! A lady manager from Baker Hughes Centrilift and Aaron, the airport manager in Claremore! Yay! And the girl from Baker Hughes said that her company may be willing to sponsor lunch! Hallelujah -- because we're broke! There's a mix-up in the business office that still hasn't been taken care of and it's January!

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