Thursday, January 15, 2009

July 20th

Just out of curious I typed in July 20 into google's search engine. I went to the wikipedia site that it brought up and here is a list of people that were born on July 20th and who died on July 20th as well as some interesting facts. (July 20th is my bday if you didn't know)

  • Ford motor company shipped the first car
  • congresswoman Alice Mary Robinson became the first female to preside over the US house of representatives
  • FDR wins the election for the fourth time
  • Truman issues a military draft during peace
  • Special olympics were founded
  • Apollo 11 successfully lands the first man on the moon
  • Viking 1 lands on mars
  • Hank Aaron hits his 755th home run
  • Vanessa Williams is ousted as Miss America
  • London stock exchange goes public
  • Canada legalizes same sex marriage
  • Alexander the Great born
  • Cormac McCarthy born
  • Carlos Santana born
  • Josh Holloway born
  • Sandra Oh born
  • Gisele Bundchen born
  • Vitamin C born
  • Elliot yamin born
  • Bruce Lee died
  • Gregory Hill died
  • 2 popes died
  • Tammy Faye Bakker died

And that's it, well, what I found to be interesting.


Naida Lee said...

interesting.. i should do mine...

The Faithful Follower said...

Go Pee-wee!!!!! He was born on my Birthday!!!!