Sunday, January 4, 2009

I threw my mom a surprise birthday party yesterday. She says that she had no idea - I don't know if I fully believe that :) But, the main point was to show her how much family and friends care for her. She was kinda depressed the night before her birthday saying that she's old now. I tried to cheer her up by saying "Just think mom, in a few hours you'll be a half a century old!" Surprisingly enough, I don't think it cheered her up, haha.

But, in the end, the surprise party had the very effect I knew would happen - she cried. She walked in and cried. HAHA I did it. Not the crying part, the "I'm so moved because of what you did for me" part. Success!

A couple of nights ago, I was watching Legends that Fall while looking at my options for either more schooling or work after I graduate/don't graduate in May. My mom was looking at what a masters in I/O psych would allow. I was looking at the psychology department at TU, the biology department, the masters programs in OU Tulsa, OU, OSU Tulsa and OSU. My mom said that if I wanted to get a masters in architecture I could, if I wanted to get a second degree in biology to do anesthesiology I could....she's basically leaving it all open and up to me. Which I greatly appreciate! I feel soooo blessed!

But, what I've recently discovered is that I need help deciding. So, I'm going to go see a life coach or someone that can ask me the questions that I need to be asked and help me to discover what it is that I would love doing as a career in the future.


Kristi said...

It's so hard to make such permanent decisions at a young age. I remember being overwhelmed. I tried this and tried that and realized I HAD to make a choice. What I chose, I sometimes regret. But I did what I could with the information I had at the time. Just know that whatever you do pursue, it is not the end all for your life. Opportunities will arise through the years that may change your path.

Seeking guidance is a smart decision!

luke said...


Sorry we couldn't come for the party - we made dinner plans before we heard about it. :( I'm glad it went well. Give your mom our best wishes.

Sounds cool that you have so many options. I've no doubt that you'll excel at whatever you decide to do.

FHL_Always said...

It is a huge decision...I got really uptight about it for so long. I would cry myself to sleep praying that God would just TELL me what to major in and what to do with my life. But, of course he didn't answer me the way I wanted him to. He was pretty much silent.

But, now I just know that I should TRY to take it a day at a time. I'll let you know what the life coach says!

Luke, don't worry about it! I hope that you had a great dinner! :)

Naida Lee said...

i love your mom. hahha. anyways.. yeah... i need to decide a major too... i've been out of school for a year now! crazy! i need to get back before i'm completely out of touch.