Sunday, January 25, 2009

Facebook can be both a good and Bad thing

So Haley is part of a group named "I bet I can find 500,000 Christian's on Facebook". So I started reading the wall of comments just because I was curious...and I'm avoiding homework haha. This is going to be a long post, so stick with me! :)

There's a man on there who claims to be an athiest and writes several things on the wall. Here's a little of what has been said, in the order that has been stated: (Of course I've edited out a few people)

"religion is gay and fake"..."hahaha I remember when I wrote a story an a bunch of people believed me it was real". Ok, yes a little rude. Definitely going to spur on conversation don't you think?

Here's how some people have responded "We all need to pray for __ _____. He is here to make fun of God's children and that is a dangerous position to be in. May the Holy Spirit reach him before it's too late". And another writes "first off, religion is not gay and is most certainly not fake, that is if you believe in the one true religion...the religion about Jesus Christ, how he created us and died for us and rose again so that we could have eternal life! i am a christian and i beleive that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that if we beleieve in him we will not perish but have everlasting life...also i mean honestly, go outside look at the amazing things God has done, the sky, the trees, the animals, how beautiful it all is and tell me this happened by chance, that it was all made out of cant becuase there was a Creator, God".

To which this man responds "i didnt ask jesus to die for my sins lol if he came up and asked me id be like nah its fine you dont have to. plus im pretty sure science proves evolution is the cause of all 'gods beautiful things'". "cuz theres so much truth of god and jesus, other than a book that was rewritten a bunch of times and usually when that happens stuff gets blow out of prortion". "Also if god and jesus existed then why do little kids die young, why do animals get abused, why to people molest children. if these cartoon characters were real they stop all of this from happening right. btw when was the last time you saw jesus, wait when was the last time anyone saw jesus wasnt it like 2000 years ago or something. ".

He's asking questions that the unchurched would undoubtedly ask! Questions that "Christians" ask as well!

So how do people respond to these comments:

"The power of christ compels you Maxwell King!" and "To Maxwel King: Why don't you ask Him all of your questions when you stand before Him. (Hebrews 9:27 - "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.")Every word in this old book that has been re-written so many times has been proven many times over. I challenge you to read it and dis-prove anything in it. Maybe, just maybe, you'll discover the TRUTH. The Good News is that Jesus loves you in spite of your arrogance and ignorance. (Romans 5:8 - But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.) May God bless you and reveal Himself to you." and "ok first off, when God created us he created us special, unlike any other living thing on this planet, HE gave us something, its called FREE WILL. HE didnt just make us like robots and make us love HIM...HE gave us the choice to either accept Him as your one and only personal Savior or to reject him. Its a very controversial thing to why all these bad things happen, but its because God gave the people FREE WILL and they use it to choose to sin and do bad its not that God doesnt love us, its because HE wants us to find and love HIM because we want too...p.s. science cannot prove evolutionDO YOU THINK IT JUST HAPPENED BY CHANCE THAT THE EARTH IS THE ONLY PLANET WITH AN ATMOSPHERE WITH OXYGEN AND WATER?DO YOU THINK BY CHANCE THAT THE EARTH IS PERFECTLY PLACED SO THAT WE ARE NOT TOO CLOSE TO THE SUN TO BE BURNED AND NOT TOO FAR AWAY SO THAT WE WOULD FREEZE, JUST THINK IF WE WERE AN INCH ONE WAY OR THE OTHER!DO YOU THINK THE COMPLEX HUMAN DESIGN WAS CREATED OUTA POND SCUM?"

To which this man responds "Well im going to hell anyway i dont care, thats if the idea of hell is real another crazy fanatical assumption. Hell is better ill know more people there im not gonna let some ''pretend man in the sky'' or some ''guy from 2000 years ago who was a normal person and preached to people to follow him'' control my life. Isnt that what charles manson tried to do to. Im just throwing my opinion out there, to maybe get proven wrong. Im sure ill remain a stone cold atheist tho. Science has more prove then relgion. So at least my sundays are free. "

Notice how he says "I'm just throwing my opinion out there, to maybe get proven wrong". So I think there's a reason why he keeps coming back to this site. Don't you?

Instead of showing this man love and acceptance one lady, who I've already quoted many times above as well as others responds by saying "it is not better and i think we all know that, you have no real proof to back up your belief in atheism! Let me put it this way, remember when i said FREE WILL? well you control whether you believe in God or not, he has control over your life whether you choose to follow Him or not. again science does not have more proof then religion! i think you need to read one of the biggest proofs of them all the BIBLE! God has prophesied many things in that "book" including the RAPTURE, everyone will stand before God. And everything phrophesied in the Bible has and will happen" and "well all I'm saying is how can you believe in something that contradicts itself like the belief in evolution and atheism? God has given us some of the most evident evidence that He is our Almighty Creator ".

I feel very sad for this man. He comes on to the site, I believe, in search of either being disproved or in search of proving that christians really are mean, hypocritical people that will judge you on the spot. Unfortunately, I think he found the latter on this particular site. And, to make a comment on the lady that rails against him every step of the way, as if he needs to be pushed into believing, as if it's her job to convert him (instead of the Holy Spirit's), as if she needs to defend God, talks about the "RAPTURE" being included in the bible. Well, yes, while it may allude to that -- there is no word "rapture" mentioned. Please, correct me if I'm wrong! I definitely don't read the bible as much as I should....

I guess this just hits a nerve. I hate reading about things like this on social sites, where everyone can read it. If I really do some soul searching, I guess I go to these sites to be disproved as well. I want to go on to a site and see christians responding with love and acceptance instead of -- well, hate. I just think the approach is wrong. I should just know better than to read through the walls. Of course, there were some people who did respond in that way! But, only a distinct few.

Anyway, I REALLY need to get back to my homework haha. :) What's your opinion?


Naida Lee said...

the Christians that are like that (the MAJORITY of Christians...) is why i am ashamed or embarassed sometimes to say that i'm a Christian. Not because of what i KNOW "Christian" stands for.. but for what these so-called Christians have made the term to mean in our society. it's really sad...

Brandt Stohr said...

Everyone is missing the biggest part here, Jesus says he must leave so the Father can send the helper, comforter, the Holy Spirit, the spirit of truth, the Holy Ghost, who will guide us in all things and in all truths, this is in John 14 through 16, this is a physical appearance and must happen prior to any Rapture can take place.

God is not going to leave his children orphans and guessing, we are to be guided and baptized once again in the Holy Spirit by the Holy Spirit and then after the truth is revealed and there is peace on earth, I guess we could still chose to be really stupid and refuse to believe and be left behind if we want. That would probably be a dumb decision though.

Kristi said...

I think the point here is that in an attempt to lure this man to God, they really pushed him further away. Jesus taught about love. Acceptance. There isn't a lot of that in those responses--they are about being right. Even if you are truly correct and right, your approach is what others judge you by. It's what can make a difference between reaching someone or helping to feul their disgust for christianity.

FHL_Always said...

I was talking with my dad about this tonight. He said that he still has a problem with the whole judgment thing because after it says not to judge, it says to take the plank out of your own eye and then take the splinter out of the others.

I told him that that's not what matters. Every person's a part of who we are (so in my opinion we can never fully take the plank out of our own eye). So why focus on the sin instead of focusing on loving the person? It's about love. It should be about love.