Thursday, September 4, 2008


When I was in elementary school, I thought going home sick was AWESOME! In the first grade, I would fake being sick ALL the time in the first grade. I actually had the school nurse in the first grade pull me aside after my umpteenth time of going home "sick" and tell me that either there was something seriously wrong with me, or I was faking it. So....well, that stopped me faking it for the rest of the school year...actually the rest of my elementary school career. But, I still thought through the rest of elementary school that I was lucky if I was sick because I didn't have to go to school. That didn't change.

Now, not so much. Now, it's REALLY boring and stressful. I've been sick since Tuesday morning. I've been taking antibiotics for approximately 30 hours and I'm still running a small fever! I know, it's only been 30 hours but, dang it I'm impatient.

I've already basically done all the homework that I need to do. So I don't have to worry much about school work, thank goodness. The only thing left that's worrying me is Diplomacy, a game that we're all playing in my negotiations class. We're supposed to have moves ready for Saturday and my partner and I have not started any negotiations. Not smart - actually it's making me REALLY nervous. I hate being behind on things. I know that we can probably negotiate enough Friday night, but it still bugs me. Especially when we're supposed to be keeping a log of all discussions between classes (and it's going to be graded too).

Well, short blog, but I have a dentist's appointment. Talk to ya'll later!

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