Thursday, September 4, 2008

Flickr Picutres!

Just look at the colors of this picture! Absolutely fantastic!

I absolutely LOVE this picture! Beautiful tree! Lovely deer!

This is like painting with watercolors to me. So fantastic!

I love this! Mist...

Hehe, love it also. Shes' a powerhouse! Comfortable in her own self. And reflecting images in her sunglasses!
Crazy colors huh! I know it's photo shopped but so what?

I love rainbows! And sailboats

Can't you just see the light inside her eyes! She's got real spunk and fire! I want her - she's soooo cute!

Mmmmm daffodils! Beautiful colors eh?

Can you believe that there are places on Earth that look like this? Love it! Beautiful colors. Look at the texture of the water and the color of the orange!

See the little leaf! A splash of yellow...almost forgotten but beautiful just the same.

I wish that I could sack out any place that I wanted. Beautiful baby just the same. Love all the different colors here as well. The blue of the stand, the reds and yellows and blues.

Just look at the light shining, beaming through the trees! I want to be there, right there when the sun sets and when the sun rises.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures I found on Flickr. Definitely not pictures that I've taken!!! But aren't they just gorgeous!!! Hats off to the authors of these photos!

Isn't the juxtaposition of the light and dark, and the deep red beautiful. Great fall picture!

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Naida Lee said...

b.e.a.utiful pictures. :)