Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I'm sick...ugh. Fever for two days straight.

Yesterday, I went to work even with the low grade fever, cancelled my viola lesson, and then suffered through my class from 6-8. My head was so foggy I could hardly pay attention. Do you know how hard it is to look like you're paying attention when you can't concentrate. Lots of nodding and smiling. Luckily there's no tests in that class and luckily I already did the homework, turns out, a week in advance! Oops.

Today, woke up with a higher fever and sweating in bed. Thought about going to all four of my classes today, but just couldn't do it. So, I went to the doctor instead and got some meds. Hopefully this will be over soon. I really hate being sick.

So, now I'm laying on my couch with two blankets and plenty of fluids. Watching General Hospital (my favorite soap). The show has been in my blood literally before birth. My mom used to watch it while she was pregnant with me and I would dance to the theme song when I was three! See what I mean?

I really hate how they aren't updating the beginning reel. It's the same people and it has been for over a year! And some of those people have been killed off : Emily, Logan, Michael and why is Mac on there in the first place? He hardly has a role? So in the mean time Johnny, Claudia and the Zocchara's aren't even on there. Neither is Rik's dad. Neither is Laura (who's back! yay!).

Anyway, I'm getting off my "soap" box. HAHA. Time to try and get some sleep. Did any of this blog make sense? Still not concentrating....

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