Thursday, February 3, 2011

So, Sweetie is still here. The steroids we've been giving her have really helped. She seems to feel so much better and it's lifted all of our spirits. She's back to her normal self, except more snuggly :) which I love. Just trying not to think that it's going to end soon.

Third day stuck in this house due to the 14 inches of snow and they're saying more is coming tomorrow, sunday and next wednesday. :( When will it end...I wish I was in Alaska. At least I would have pretty mountains and glaciers to enjoy.

I have gotten a few things done those since I've been snowlocked. Cleaned up under the bathroom sink, polished my silver jewelry, uploaded videos from a year ago that needed to go up, and finished a paper on Tuesday. Still have plenty to do, but for now I am loving sitting here and letting myself do absolutely nothing. It's a needed respite and I'm enjoying every minute of it!!

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Kristi said...

Glad to hear about Sweetie. Our pets make our lives so much more meaningful.