Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Watching my dog lick his nose...why? Is there snot up in there? It's getting annoying.

Anyway, my mom's two interviews today were productive but did not lead to anything other than the fact that TU will not hire her unless she has a doctorate. She can't even teach as an associate or assistant professor because of the school's budget crunch during these "hard economic times". So, she's actually thinking about getting her doctorate! Might be exciting for her! We'll see! Meanwhile, she's still applying for jobs elsewhere.

I am so weak and tired right now. I worked until 12:30, went and picked up my music from TCC for the Signature's March 27th concert, rode the bike with Buddy and Haley, then rode the bike with just Haley, climbed two stories today of steps....does that seem like a lot? NO?

...I know it's not. I'm beginning to sound pathetic LOL. O well :) I'm going to try and get motivated and do some work for this project that's due a week from today. Wish me luck!

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