Sunday, March 21, 2010


I have had the weirdest dreams lately. Yes, another dream post.

So, in my dream last night I took my best friend with me to a church that I used to attend. One that I went to for 16 years before I started attending Agora.

It was very much the same in some areas, but much more conservative. My best friend and I were wearing street clothes, definitely stood out among the crowd. It started off with the traditional singing and songs, which I actually enjoyed. It was after the singing where it went downhill.

The pastor started to show a video about how evil bi-sexuals are and how different they are from the rest of the people and that Christians need to tell them what they're doing is wrong in order to save them. Made me SO angry. Then, this youth pastor that used to work there told my best friend that she needed to wear a different shirt next time that she came into the church. I looked at him with the most hateful look I could muster and told him to stop it, that I was basically wearing a similar shirt and that it was acceptable! He responded just as hatefully with a resounding no.

We were still listening to the sermon when my best friend got up and went to one of the elders, one of the most esteemed (whom I dearly adore...for real!), knelt down and said "Why is it that you look so real, so less commercialized". She said, "My dear I shall tell you later" as she smiled.

Then another video came on that warned Christians that if they attack and attack that they will eventually not have their own foundation to return to. It was a cannon ball that was shooting random balls and one of the random balls destroyed a Christian home town. That was the only good thing about the entire dream lol...if you call it good.

So, finally, after being uncomfortable with everything from the moment we stepped in, I told my best friend that we were leaving. In the middle of everything...even if we were sitting in the front two rows. And we did, we got up and watched as everyone stared as we left.

We walked to her new car and drove out immediately, stopped at a dive gas station/bar where women were puking and drunk. Very unsanitary.

And then I woke up. So will someone tell me what that was all about?? Any interpretation will suffice! :)

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