Monday, March 8, 2010

Damn Bird

It started with a bird.

The other night a small nuthatch bird flew into our house when my sister opened the front door. The bird, which nests in the wreath on the front door, instead of flying out into the night air flew right into the house. I heard Haley scream, then laugh. Then scream again. I ran downstairs and saw her covering her head with her hands. She said that there was a bird in the house. It took my dad, my mom and me about ten minutes to coax the bird close enough to the door -- it finally flew out.

My mom said "If my mom were hear she would freeeak out". I asked why? She responded by saying that it is bad luck to have a bird fly in the house.

That was a Thursday evening. By next Monday my mom had been one of the 2500 employees let go from IBM in a "resource action plan".

Saturday, my mom had her yearly mammogram. Today, she received a call from the health group telling her that they would like to perform more tests, possibly an ultrasound, and that the radiologist would be there to read the results before she left.

My mom, stifling tears and swallowing back cries, looked at me and said, "I don't know if I can handle anymore". And I don't blame her...I don't think she can. I pray, pray very hard, that it's nothing. No sense in freaking out now before the results.

With Haley's meltdown today and my mom's immense stress I am emotionally spent! So when you ask me how I am doing -- I will rightly respond with "Hanging in there".

So, be warned. If you ever have a bird fly into your house -- watch out and start praying HARD because things might get messy and get messy quick.


Kelsy said...

The second round of tests went great! No problems for my mother! :)

Kelsy said...

O, and I want to add...the morning of her second round of tests a bird pooped on my jacket. I thought -- uh oh -- that could be bad. Another bird sign. Or, it could be a good sign. Maybe it's getting rid of all the crap and so is my mom.

Anyway, turned out to be a good sign.

Naida Lee said...

LOL.. well if i ever have a bird fly in my house i'll pray for another bird to come poop on me! ;) Glad nothing was wrong with your mom!