Sunday, January 3, 2010

I worked out at the YMCA today! Did two circuits on the weight machines while my mom went through her orientation. It felt good to finally work out and do something to improve my health! I'm going to try and go tomorrow and do some cardio!

I went on a date for the first time two nights ago with a really nice guy! It went well -- I met him through a friend. So we'll see if that develops into anything...we're supposed to hang out tomorrow night sometime.

My mom's birthday was today! She turned 51...I feel bad that it was low key but I think she still had a good day. Lunch at Olive Garden, dinner at Applebee's, and some fun in between lol.

Anyway, I will be enjoying my day off tomorrow! Adios


luke said...

so, did you get back to do some cardio? hop on - it's great motivation!

Kelsy said...

I went the next day and did some cardio...25 minutes on the elliptical machine...thought I was going to die LOL!

I've been sick the last three days tho so I haven't done anything else this week.