Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just feel like posting...without anything really on my mind or anything to say.

I start next semester on January 19th and I'm so thankful for the time off. Every one of my classes next semester will be at the University so I'm excited to interact with others and make some new friends! :)

I'm also excited for Christmas. I have heard Christas songs continuously since Nov. 1st and I'm ready for them to stop! Haha. It actually takes me out of the Christmas mood for a bit. Last year I couldn't WAIT to watch the movies--every single one I know. This year it's the opposite. O well.

So I did a lot of firsts this past week!!! I joined the YMCA so I can start going to the gym on a regular basis. No contract plus free classes so I'm excited! :) Then I joined the music union -- the local 94. They're still processing my app so I can't log on and put my name out there. But soon I hope! Then I went tanning for the first time. I know, not healthy for you. But, my therapist told me that it helps if you have SAD, which most likely affects my mood during the winter. The light helps you feel less depressed so I gave it a try. I liked it! I'll only go during the winter tho and maybe only once a week. I haven't felt any effects so far, but we'll see if it helps. And then I went to the comedy club and got heckled by the comic LOL. It was hilarious!!! All fun. of my new year's resolutions is to get healthier - change my diet and work out routine slowly so it'll actually stick. That's the only one so far, but I'm sure I'll think of others.


Naida Lee said...

you can come over and play on the wii fit with me! we have the same new years resolution. we can keep each other in check! ;)

FHL_Always said...

I'll take you up on that sometime!! Thanks! :)