Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm watching the Bachelor on my DVR. I'm a little shocked and disappointed at some of the girls. One thing I have learned from watching these man seasons is that if you want to get sent home faster than anything, to talk about another girl in the house.

Ganging up on another girl, calling her names, and worrying about her does not say anything about you as a person. It says that you are insecure. Why worry about someone else, when you can be focusing on the guy. Also, so early in a dating relationship, I have learned, that it's not who the person is that attracts the girl to the guy. It is how she makes him feel.

These girls keep on saying, if he knew who she really is, what kind of person she really is...etc. That's not the point to him right now. Yes, girls think this way. To us it is logical. But, it's different for a guy.

And to think that you are going to change his mind by "talking" him out of it...is ludicrous. Saying that you are going to have a serious talk with him about this will not do anything. If anything, he is more curious and wonders why these women are talking negatively about her. He wonders, could this be mere jealousy?

I'm not saying that Vienna is perfect. She's far from it. But, so are those others girls too. And to call her out and single her out is hypocritical to me.

I don't know why but it just upsets me. Maybe because I'm a good catch and I don't have a guy and I see women messing it up for themselves on national television by acting like insecure 10th graders. It's sad.

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