Thursday, May 21, 2009


Wow! American Idol. I remember in high school that watching American Idol used to be so uncool. No one wanted to admit to watching it even though there were many closet watchers, myself included.

The show has literally STUNNED me this year. Wow! I can't get over the finale tonight. The pure talent of the two people left. It's almost like last year's Davids showdown, but better! And what a finale!! Cyndi Lauper, Kiss, Rod Stewart, Keith Urban, Queen Latifah, Black Eyed Peas and Fergie, Lionel Richie, Queen, Steve Martin, Carlos Santana, Jason I forgetting anyone? Good lord!!! I would love to go to a concert like that!

I have to say, I wanted Adam to win. But, I know that he's still going to be a star and I can't wait. I'll be in the front row! He is not only a master singer...master. singer. by DEFINITION. He has EVERY note in tune and at the perfect volume. He is a musician. He goes beyond the music. He goes beyond the notes and he moves you. The way he phrases his's exactly what I would do if I was playing it on the viola. It was, to put it like the judges said all season, fucking brilliant! Every note was a pearl as my viola teacher used to say. Every song was a masterpiece.

And Kris, what a sweetheart. Received the title of American Idol and immediately says that he thinks Adam deserves it! Truly seems like a great guy! He had some great vocals also...depending on the song. Some songs, yea he was a little out of tune. But, if he finds his niche and finds music that fits him (and luckily for him it's current music), he'll be utterly fabulous!! I could totally see him doing a song like One Republic's Apologize in the future!

So, I have to say, tonight there were no losers. There were NO losers. Both of them won in my book. I want to go see BOTH of them! They both, I don't know, excite me because they remind us what great music is all about!!!! Gosh! Good show!

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