Thursday, June 18, 2009

The June Post

It's been almost a month since my last blog...I just haven't had anything to talk about. I doubt that this blog will have any substance either.

My summer so far has been pretty good! I have been hanging out with Bailey, Naida, Kristi, Shea and Allison so far and hope to hang out more! Somehow I've gotten my sleep schedule messed up to where I now go to sleep around 3am and wake up around 11:30am. Kinda sucks because I hate feeling like I'm sleeping away the day...but then again I have absolutely nothing to do and if I woke up early I'd be bored so it's a catch-22.

I swam yesterday for about 30 minutes and the acne medicine that I'm on is really making me tan! For the first time in my life I'm tanning instead of burning! It's a true triumph.

Bailey, her husband, his friend Adam and I are going to see Michael Winslow at the Loony Bin this coming Monday. I'm really excited! I love the Loony Bin and live comedy. Winslow can make over 1000 sound effects with his voice/mouth and he was on Police Academy...although most people have no idea who I am talking about until I mention that he was on the Geico commercial. Then people go "OOOOO yea, I know who you're talking about!" haha.

Haley is away at Quartz mountain for another week and three days. I don't think she's liking it like she hoped. She hasn't been feeling well lately and the power and A/C went off at the site and she had to practice for three hours without air conditioning...that would SUCK! Her roommates don't like her because she is making them leave the A/C on while they sleep (the first night someone turned it off and she woke up sweating...not to mention it's four to a room, two to a bed!). She keeps texting my mom also...I bet if she'd stop she'd be giving it more of a chance...she's just really homesick poor thing. At this age I went off for five weeks to Eastern Music Festival and although I was homesick for the first three days, I LOVED it for the rest of the time! I didn't want to leave! Differences in personalities I guess.

I have been playing a lot of Wii Golf with Bailey, her husband and Adam and it's fun! I've never played the Wii before. The first time, I kicked their asses haha. Felt good! Now, not so much.

I posted my resume on and I have received three hits...two emails and one company called me twice yesterday (home and cell). So, that's always good. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do for those of you who are wondering (me).

Well, I better go start my day. Adios!


Jeff said...

This is the time of life and the right time of the year to get days and nights mixed up. Some of us never recover from it. (It is 2:25 am as I type this.)

Sounds like summer is going well.

Naida Lee said...

yes... we need to hang out. and when my mom and dad are gone for 2 weeks you need to spend the night a few nights so i'm not like, sitting in a corner at night rocking back and forth trying to tell myself the North Koreans are NOT attacking nor is there a killer at my door.
I need to come swim! I love swimming.
And what is this acne medicine that makes you tan?? i SERIOUSLY need that! i am getting a lot of acne lately and it's leaving scars. :(
poor Hailey. i was NEVER homesick when i went to camps and stuff. No matter how long.

FHL_Always said...

You should come swim!! You're always welcome! I'm on solodyn right now for seems to be working, but I think it's also giving me an ulcer and upset stomach. SO...may not want it after all!! :)