Saturday, May 16, 2009


I bought a new bike today with the money that I received from graduation! Yay!! And Haley also got one so I'm hoping that Haley and I (and maybe my dad too) will spend many days riding our bikes along the trails.

Also, my mom and I signed up for WeightWatchers this afternoon. And I'm thinking next weekend or sometime this week we're going to go and sign up at the YMCA. My friend has a membership there and really likes it. It's $40 a month (for an individual) and most of the classes are free !!! Always a good thing! I also signed up for Sevillanas dance lessons this summer with a friend!

We're trying to finally get healthy and I need to be healthy! Hopefully we'll be successful this go 'round! I figure that since I've graduated maybe I'll have more time to devote!

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