Sunday, April 12, 2009


Well, I haven't written a blog for a while...I feel like I'm due for one. But, I just honestly do not know what to discuss. My life is pretty boring and predictable, especially lately. I wish that I had something profound to discuss, but I don't. So, this is going to be more about my career search.

Today at Agora we talked about procrastination. And Judy's comment stuck with me because it is exactly how I am approaching my post-graduation plans. I am letting time make the decision for me, even though I know I shouldn't.

I know, you're thinking another blog about this topic? Sheesh! But, it's what has been on my mind recently. It's not like I have been sitting by and not doing anything. I have been searching for jobs online all the time! I have gone to the job fair. I have been researching careers on O*Net and industry specific websites almost daily (however, I'm slowing down because it just makes me more nervous and depressed). I've been researching schools for psychology and physical therapy because I think I've narrowed it down to those two. So, I have done a lot of work! And I am still no where.

I am planning on talking to OU sometime tomorrow to ask them if I can enroll in prerequisites and if I could take the classes at OU Tulsa. And I'm shadowing a child psychologist who is my best friend's mother on Tuesday. So, that may give me even more insight. If I can't make a decision then, well...

I do know that I want to help people. It may not seem like it, but if there's anything that I'm passionate about it's helping people (and my hair) . I'm just REALLY shy, so it's kinda hard for me to get started. So, I wouldn't be surprised if you read this and go, "What?" haha.

I also know that part of the reason why I'm waiting to decide is that I'm hoping that God will give me a clue, some answer to what I've been asking now for three years -- and yet he is still silent (or I have just been too self-absorbed to notice a response). I still hope that He'll give me an answer, but what if His answer is just pick one already? So, I may have to decide on my own, and if that's the case I have 27 days in which to do it!!

Well, I'm off to do some last minute school work!


Jeff said...

Sometimes the answer is silent but not exactly indiscernible. Don't give up on it.

Here's the really good news. Some of the smartest people I know have had multiple careers, multiple adventures, and multiple degrees. I would put you in their league without hesitation.

Bottom line is: what you decide to do today doesn't have to last you 45 years. In fact, if what we expect about the future actually happens, whatever you decide will have to change by necessity and likely more than once.

Translation: you can't screw this up. You're not stuck for life with this choice. Helping people is helping people. It matters not your title or your profession.

Kristi said...

As a veteran career changer, my advice is this--follow your heart. You love helping people? Then find a career that allows you to do that. Once you start taking classes, you may find yourself getting interested in even more specific areas. Like I told you before, if I had it all to do over again, I would be a nurse because I enjoy helping people.