Monday, February 2, 2009


I cannot get motivated lately, to do much of anything really.

I hit the snooze button about 5 times now, slowly growing each week and I have to compensate by either getting dressed and ready faster or setting my alarm even earlier.

I'm sick of the extra pounds that I've packed on since last March when my Gallbladder was taken out. I do very little exercising. The last time I exercised was a couple of weeks ago and I know that I should exercise more. Ever since I've gotten sick twice -- like emergency room sick -- from exercising I've developed a slight resistance and fear to it. I also know that I should be eating healthier but I keep shoving food down my mouth for instant gratification.

I am slacking off on my homework. I know part of it is senioritis because my friends are doing the same thing. But, I think I'm really unmotivated because I still don't know what I want to do. (Although I'm thinking strongly about physical therapy for some reason.) It makes it hard for me to be really interested in something when I don't know if I even like the subject. Take my specialization for example - I'm starting to think it's VERY boring. Sometimes interesting. But overall, pretty much boring. I hate doing stuff that I don't find interesting. Too late now I suppose --better to just graduate now if you ask me.

And probably because I'm a little depressed for some reason. I've been in awkward moods lately. Very unsocial and that's usually not like me. I've said before I think that I'm a shy extrovert because I really like being around other people, but I just lack the social skills. I did manage to kick a habit/addiction since the beginning of this year. So yay!

Now, I'm going to go continue to study for a hopeless test tomorrow in I/O psych (which I hadn't started studying for until about 2 hours ago and I'm already taking a break). Good thing I'm taking the class pass/d/fail now or else I'd really be in trouble!


Kristi said...

I'm highly unmovitaved as well. I think it's partially the weather, hormones, my job, the uncertainty of my future. I'm with ya sista!

Naida Lee said...

i've just ALWAYS been unmotivated.. haha.
tired of the extra pounds... i can SO relate.. and that can actually affect your mood and energy also. i bought an excercise ball yesterday... so i can start with light exercises... ;)
hopefully having our get together with you, me, and Kristi on sunday night will help your mood also! i'm looking forward to it...

FHL_Always said...

I think it will! I look forward to seeing you guys! :D