Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bodily Aches

So part of this post is going to be my complaining post. So if you don't like to hear people complain about stuff don't read or comment. Thanks.

I think I'm falling apart -- physically that is. People that know me really well, know that I try never to complain about physical stuff because I just think it's whiny and that it could be so much worse. Well it can, but right now I don't give a shit.

So a few weeks ago, I was chasing my mini schnauzer 3-year-old sweetheart through the house playing ball. I had on my Uggs from, what, two years ago. I think I sprained my ankle or pulled something. I didn't notice until the next day that it was a little swollen. It seemed to get better. Then later, I was sitting on the couch watching TV, moved my foot, and something popped. And now it hurts all over again. But, I actually think it's getting better again so that's good. Still hurts a little though.

My left eye has been twitching for the last 8 days now! 8! I looked it up online to make sure I wasn't dying (lol, just kidding) or anything and it said that it was likely the cause of stress or lack of sleep. Well I have both so there ya go.

My carpal tunnel/tendonitis is back in full force. Not really sure why either because I still practice the same amount as before. My pieces have gotten a little tougher I guess. And I've been texting a lot more haha. But yea, it sucks. Hands going numb and achy never really feels good.

My jaw is mysteriously hurting. Only my right side. I think it's muscular or a tendon. Everytime I'd take a drink it's tightening up hardcore. Everytime I chew something hard or chewy it hurts. No fun at all.

I think I have an ulcer or at the very least need to change from Nexium. I have woken up a few times to extreme stomach pain - reminiscent of my pre-gallbladder surgery days. And it does it during the day too. No fun.

And let's see, anything else. I think that pretty much covers it.

So, NOW on a GOOD note. I got my hair colored and cut yesterday. I've gotten some very good responses.

The first person I talked to today was a guy in one of my classes.

He said "Hey did you change your hair?"

To which I replied "Yea, I colored it"

He said "I thought you did something. When was this?"

I said "Yesterday".

He said "O, Ok I knew it. I thought I remembered you were a redhead"

I said "yea my hair turns red if I haven't colored it. And the last time I colored it was 11 weeks ago"

He said "well it looks really good!"

SO TOTALLY made my day.

Then, in my next class, this football player walks by and makes eye contact. Something he rarely does with me...usually he just asks for a pencil, paper or a stapler. But he actually smiled. So that was nice. He's an idiot. But I liked the attention.

Then I had another guy play with my hair. So I guess people like it! I do too, I'm fond of it! :)

I fell asleep with my chin on my chest today watching the Dog Whisperer. That's how sleepy I am. So instead of reading my chapter for my class tomorrow...I'm going to go get some extra sleep. Goodnight!


Kristi said...

The idiot comment had me laughing out loud!

When I am very stressed, I have the weirdest health issues. Physiologically speaking, stress wreaks havok on your body, and messes with your sympathetic nervous system. Our bodies were designed to go into the "fight or flight" mode on occasion. Stress keeps our bodies in that state consistently and without a break--not normal for our systems. So stress puts our bodies into overdrive, wearing them out. So, it's no wonder you are falling apart. Exercise helps. But so does a healthy dose of letting go of what's eating you. And when I figure out how to do that, I'll give you a call!

FHL_Always said...

Well he really is! Hahaha.

I know that stress can wear your body down. It actually makes your immune system work overtime. So, that's why people who are usually really stressed don't get sick that often. But, your body can only take that for so long. I just think I'm going to go see a therapist. These blogs help too - kind of a catharsis.

Naida Lee said...

Dang Grandma! you're falling apart!! ;)
that jaw thing sounds wierd and painful... ugh.
so what did you do to your hair?? i got mine fixed. it's very textured.. and has some very short layers.. but i think it'll be cute once i learn how to style it right. haha. i had to go get some better pomade today.. and spray wax. ALMOST all the dark brown/blackish color is off... almost. maybe in another 2 or 3 months i can get it all off.

FHL_Always said...

I didn't really change the style to my hair at all. I just dyed it a dark brown again. That's all!

I'm glad that you got yours fixed! I'll have to see it soon!

Naida Lee said...

you'll see it SUNDAY, remember?? you and Kristi both... we have a 3-way date!!! oooo la la! ;)

FHL_Always said...

I know silly! I remembered...that's what I meant by "soon".