Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So I did not realize that if you ever injure a body part, that it will ache everytime the weather hurts. I mean, I knew my mom's aches were from the weather, but she's had so many surgeries on her knees and shoulders that it's expected.

I was sitting here trying to figure out why my right knee has been aching -- welp it's the one I fell on a while back. Suck.

I "ate" dinner with a friend tonight (more like getting it to go with her for a meeting at 9:30). She said "I think I might get a beer, would that offend you?" I said, NO! Of course not. The only reason I'm not having one is because I'm not 21 haha.

She said "Ok cool, you don't really seem like the type to judge". That kinda made my night, because I really do try hard not to. But, I know I fail a lot of the time at that. For some reason, she didn't end up getting a beer though, lol. Who knows why?

So for everyone that is a Hotel Rwanda fan (*JEFF*)... Paul Rusesabagina is speaking next Monday night the 16th in the Great Hall in the Allen Chapman Activity Center (ACAC) on TU. So, I'll be going! He's going to be speaking about his experience and how he saved 1200 lives so I think it should be really interesting and moving -- I may bring kleenex. Seriously.

Well, gotta go catch up on my reading that I've now fallen behind on :-}

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