Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Newsweek recently wrote an article that "lays out the religious case for gay marriage". In her article, Lisa Miller quotes bible verses and passages to support her stance.

This is not the point of this particular note. What I actually found more interesting were the comments left on the website that discusses "religious reaction" to the article.

Here's a link:

So here's a comment, the first one actually that I saw:

"The most disgusting and perverted mind is one that "knows" the truth. A Belief does not necessarily make a Truth.

Arguing with a religious person is as practical as beating your head with a brick. They've closed their minds to anything that conflicts with their belief system...Until something in their own judgemental lives forces them to see the real light."

Now I have not read the book Unchristian which looks at outsiders perspectives of Christianity (it's somewhere in my house), but I think that whoever wrote this pretty much sums up the viewpoint outlined in the book. Pretty sad.

Here's another:

"Her article was ridiculous - she picked and chose random verses to fit her point of view and didn't look at the Bible in its entirety. In Leviticus it flat out says that it is sinful for one man to lie w/ another. Plus, she cites the woman by the well story - and how that means Jesus befriended immoral people. What she leaves out is that after he talks with her he says "go and sin no more." She's right about love being the overarching theme but that doesn't mean we are supposed to live sinful lifestyles and act like it's okay. It just means that the sin of homosexuality is the same as any other sin.

But the problem wasn't her points so much is that Newsweek didn't allow the other side a rebuttal. Every one of her arguments can be easily taken down by someone with a more scholarly knowledge of the Bible...also, it's clear that she's not a Christian! If you're going to have some impassioned argument about Christianity's justification for gay marriage...then have an actual religious scholar write the debate. And she even points out that very few churches condone the practice...hmmm, I wonder why they have such a different interpretation of the Bible than she does!"

Why would she write this if she is firm in her beliefs other than to make an attempt to defend, what, God? As if God needs defending? And how does she know that she's not a "christian" which I guess to her would mean a "believer" or "God follower"? Shouldn't God be the only judge of that? (yes, ok guilty of doing this as well...hopefully more so in the past than in the present). What I also found interesting is her premise about the religious scholar. I kind of find it interesting to read someone elses's perspective on the bible for a change. See how someone else is reading it. Probably wrong isn't it...oops. Also, I don't think that this one article could harm christians more so that whan christians do themselves on a daily basis (stuff I'm guilty of as well, unfortunately).

I don't hate everything that she wrote - if homosexuality is a sin (staying away from declaring my views), then it is just like any other sin. So why do people make homosexuality such an issue! Why not make gossiping or lying an issue? They are people, people.

Only more reason for me to call myself a follower of Christ.

Just found this comment, one that I like because it's basically what I'm trying to say:

"I wouldn't say I am very religious, however I do go to church every Sunday. I go to church, not because I think that if i don't I'll go to Hell. I go to church every Sunday to remind myself to judge no one but myself. I go to church to remind myself to LOVE and ACCEPT everyone. I am not writing this to change anyone's mind, because it won't. I am just hoping that for a moment, people may read this, and let go of judgements, and know that we are all connected and are as one. No one of us is better than another. The underlying message in any holy scripture is to love oneself, so that you can truly love another. Be kind to others. Why in the world are people worried about others "sins" when they should be focused on their own. Seeing ways to better themselves, not better others. In my humble opinion, the Bible is much too old for anyone to interpret, and if you have ever taken any foreign language classes, you should know that not everything CAN be translated directly. One should focus on the main points, not try to find hidden meaning in every single letter of every single word. You'll only end up blinding yourself to the truth and beauty of the world.

Here is my main point: We are all human! We are all the same! LOVE is LOVE! And if you are Christian, I think that it is safe to say that you would agree with the statement that where ever Love is God is. So isn't it much better just to Love and accept than to Hate or judge?"


luke said...

This is one of those things where I have almost no basis for a good opinion.

I have newfound comfort in deferring my opinions though ... ;)

FHL_Always said...

The point of my blog wasn't to point out what I think about homosexuality vs. heterosexuality and whether or not it is wrong...but to merely discuss comments left on the Newsweek website.

I'm deferring my opinions also :)