Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Life recently

It's been a while since my last post....things have been super busy. So busy, I haven't had time to reflect.

But, things are slowing down now, hence the new post. I decided to drop my thesis and take the comps instead next semester. The thesis was a little more than I bargained For. I know too little about the field to really write about it at this point, my research writing skills are poor, and the professor doesn't really want me to do it either, so there ya go. Problem solved, no more thesis.
I did put in a lot of work, but I'll just chalk it up to experience...again.

Volunteering at LIBR has been great. The people are awesome and the things we get to do on a daily basis are so interesting! Analyzing brain data from an fMRI scan -- too cool.

My mom had neck surgery last month, before Halloween. She's doing pretty well. She kinda stopped taking her pain meds, so she hurts more, but I can't really blame her -- I hate taking those too. She's getting pretty bored tho! I can only imagine -- watching TV 7-8 hours a day while we're all working would get really boring. So, she's been playing games on TV and watching movies...there's nothing on during the day anyway.

Haley is doing well in school. Yesterday they had a two hour lock down while the Jenks police searched for two armed robbers in the area. That was kinda scary, didn't like getting that phone call from the school or her. But, glad everyone was safe.

I played a concert Sunday night with the Tulsa Signature Symphony. Sam Harris was the guest singer. He was AWESOME!!! He is a vocal musician, seriously. The music just gets deep in his soul and just reverberates to everyone. He's so good. Makes me want to go see him play Al Joleson on Broadway. AND, so proud that he's an Oklahoma native of Sand Springs!!!

My playing, however, on Sunday night was not the greatest. I haven't really played the viola consistently for a while now and it shows. I hate that. I love music, I love playing, practicing...it's ok lol. I just need to find the time to make it happen no matter what. That is something I cannot give up. I am a musician, but I was sure rusty.

I must say adieu and good night and have a good morrow. :)

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