Saturday, August 28, 2010

I had the weirdest dream of my life last night. I thought I would share, yes, another dream with you all.

Where to begin...This is kind of sci-fi in nature. We were told that the earth was going to be destroyed unless we stepped in and helped. So we all boarded a space ship together and lifted off of the surface. We were gone for what seemed like a year. It was very dark, with red beams for light.

While on the ship, some individuals were forced into submission as a sacrifice to save the rest of us. They were taken, transformed into a translucent ghost-like mist and were forced to serve. The place where they served was this old fantastical looking tree, surrounded by more mist. You could hear their voices, but you could not see them. This was also back on earth.

So, whenever this creature desired another sacrifice, a group of people stepped up to the plate and from that group about 5 would be chosen by this creature. There was one lady that said that she would go, despite being pregnant, if it meant saving us.

In her group were 12 other people that had been chosen. However, they were not transformed. They remained. I asked myself why and wondered if the fact that she was with child would mean that this wouldn't work. In my head, I thought...I should go. I should take her place.

Suddenly I was lifted a few inches into the air and carried over by this unseen force into one of the chairs surrounding the other 12. I prayed to God to protect me and to protect my family. To forgive me of my sins and to spare me pain because I had been chosen by this creature. I remember thinking, only God can hear my inner thoughts. Was it God that chose me? The devil can't hear this... (not sure what that means).

But, for some reason, we were not transformed. I asked if it was because of the number of people - 13 vs. 5.

All of a sudden, we entered earth's atmosphere. We were told that we were to land the ship on earth. I panicked as I thought of what this would mean (for some reason). I asked the captain if we were coming in too fast and if we would create a meteor-like effect on the earth's surface by coming in at such high speeds.

Next, I heard the hissing of the gas as it slowly allowed us to descend on to the soil. I looked to my left and saw the tree. I called out to the people there and they responded. Some of them transformed back into human form. I also learned that some of the things in the mist were not human - but mystical animals. One was an over-sized heinous blue bear-like creature. The other a huge 11 foot she-ox with a HUGE head.

We left the ship and I immediately went shopping for supplies in this huge warehouse. I was told to be wary of the two animals. I paid 35 cents to cross a bridge that rose up 8 feet, safe from the blue bear. But the she-ox was still able to attack.

I managed to sneak up behind the she-ox. I begged for my life as she tried to swing me over the bridge. Suddenly she spoke telling me that she was supposed to kill me, but was going to spare my life.

That's about it. Of course, you all can't see the immense minute details in my dream like the color of the blue bear, the face of the she-ox, the metal shield of the space ship, the thousands and thousands of things available in the warehouse, the feeling of the mist...etc.

But, hopefully you can see why this was one WEIRD dream!!


luke said...

that's pretty amazing! have you seen Avatar recently or something? sounds kinda like that, mixed with War of the Worlds, and the story of Maximilian Kolbe.

Kelsy said...

Lol! No I haven't seen Avatar or anything like was completely out of the blue.

I don't even watch syfy network stuff lol.