Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I found this paragraph that I had written 5 years ago, a junior in high school. Some things have changed, but is it sad that I kinda feel the same way?

"Most of my [girl]friends view themselves as worthless without a cute stud right by their side. It's so difficult to be alone with these girls that view men as their new title of "taken". Is a boyfriend just a title to be won, or is he the man that you can lean on, the one that you can't get out of your head, the one that you'd rather be arguing with than to be with anyone else? Isn't true love supposed to be like that...to be worth something? Why why why does everyone make out boyfriends to be their sense of worth? When did becoming lonely and becoming unattractive comingle?"

Like I said, some things have changed. I have some single friends now and I have friends who are happily married...but then I still have those girlfriends that are pretty much the same. I look at Haley's friends and hope and pray that they'll never be that way.

Yes, sometimes I still feel lonely (as is evidenced by the previous posts). But, then there are times that I know that I do not need a man to make me the woman I am today, to make me happy. I am who I am...and I love myself for it.

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luke said...

It's great that you are sincere with yourself ...

"Our ability to be sincere with ourselves, with God, and with others is really proportionate to our capacity for sincere love. And the sincerity of our love depends in large measure upon our capacity to believe ourselves loved. Most of the moral and mental and even religious complexities of our time go back to our desperate fear that we are not and can never be really loved by anyone." -Merton