Monday, May 31, 2010

So, after last night's post, I saw a commercial for stating that this weekend was free communication weekend.

I thought, what the hell, and made an account. I also, hehe, went onto and made a profile there also.

Well, I've had a good amount of interest from both already so I decided to sign up for three months with and see what happens. I've been winked at, e-mailed and viewed 10 times on match and I've been asked to communicate from three guys on eharmony!

Let the games begin! ;)

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luke said...

If I weren't married ... ;)

Seriously, I think online match-making is cool. Of course I'm an online/web programmer, so I'm biased.

But seriously, I have made some really good friendships with people I've met online. Hell, some of my best friends are my co-workers with whom I worked for about a year before meeting any of them in person!