Thursday, October 8, 2009

Life is ironic.

I have finally enrolled for classes at OU-Tulsa. Nine hours this fall which means I get to keep my current insurance, yay!! I'm so excited for the classes.

Then...I had my colonoscopy today. I craved food all day yesterday when I was fasting. Every type of food went through my mind. From rice cakes to goulash to sweet potatoes to pringles. Ah, everything.

The colonoscopy went well. They didn't find anything abnormal. They took some biopsies and I'll hear back soon. If the biopsies come back normal the next step is an appendectomy with a search into the surrounding abdomen to see if everything is ok.

This is the ironic part to me. I finally get enrolled for classes after a year of deciding, after seeking help from a life coach/therapist, after applying and waiting on the school's I am facing a possible and probable appendectomy which may end up making me miss the first weekend of a three weekend class which isn't acceptable. It's frustrating me...but I'm trying to remain positive.

Anyway, project runway's on. Hasta la vista.

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