Saturday, August 29, 2009

Well, my body just doesn't like me. But, I am very thankful for the body I have!

I've run a low grade fever for the last eight days with achy pains on my lower right abdomen everyday. Was officially a UTI...took the medicine (still taking it) and still have all the same symptoms.

And after two days of tests, hours spent at the hospital and springer clinic...what have they found out?

Appendicitis? No. Kidney stones? No. White blood cell count is on an upward trend (I look like a pincushion...blood drawn for three days two days in a row now with multiple sticks) and my sedimentation level is elevated (meaning I have something inflamed somewhere in my body and my body is fighting some infection I guess). Cancer? No. Cyst on the ovary? No.

Why is it that I always have something medical related that is mysterious? Just a question. I'm not being cynical, just serious. After a year of tests and hours spent doing them, the stress of that all, they still don't know why my potassium drops suddenly and I almost pass out. And now I get to add this to the list.

I've discovered that sometimes there just isn't an answer. But, o would I like one.


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Jeff said...

I'm so sorry! I wish they could find out what is going on. It's easier to deal with something you know. Not knowing is a killer!