Saturday, August 15, 2009

This isn't about political affiliations - conservative vs. liberal.

I for one am just appalled by our president.

I may not be the smartest person in the world...but when the presidential candidate promises that a person's taxes will not increase by one single DIME during his campain and then changes his mind after he is elected portrays and is nothing BUT a liar.

I also think that when a president has a website that requests that people TURN IN their neighbors and friends and naysayers of the new health care reform that he is implying that there is only ONE correct point of view and that it is his. That is ridiculous. *Correction* There was a website extension on a government website that requested that anyone report any misinformation that was being used or said so that the administration could seek to correct this information. That website, I believe, is no longer available. *Correction*

When the president HOUNDS the congress and says that this bill WILL be passed with sensibility, he is overstepping his power as the EXECUTIVE branch. What happened to checks and balances?

And when the president "denounces" the emphasis of the media on the rambunctious town hall meetings and the uproar that has ensued, he is "denouncing" our right of freedom of the press as a citizen of the United States.

When did my country start becoming a socialist nation?


Kristi said...

Um, the day Big O was elected?

luke said...

I agree with the observations, but we've been on this road for a while already. It started long before Obama.

Also, what website requested people to "turn in" naysayers?

FHL_Always said...

Ok, let me correct the information that I gave on "turning in" naysayers.

Apparently I interpreted the information wrong. My apologies.

There was a website, an extension of the, that asked for anyone to write in detailing any misinformation that was being used or said so that the administration could combat any misinformation in their statements.

I thought that this meant that you put their name on there and reported the actual person. I was wrong.

luke said...

ah, that's a little less scary. ;)