Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Break

I graduate in 57 days! Ah!! Less than two months away!

So, for Spring Break my friend Emily and I decided that we are going to go for a two day road trip. We were both bummed because we both had nothing to do for our last spring break. So, we talked about places we could go - Kansas City, Dallas, Colorado (Too far), Austin (Too far), Eureka Springs, and Branson. We finally settled last night on Eureka Springs so that should be fun! I've been there many a time - not recently though - so I know of a lot of things that we can do like Queen Ann Mansion, the train, shopping of course, caves (because my family hates them), the big wild cat reserve just into Missouri, etc. etc.

I think it'll be good just to get away, even if it is only 48 hours! Now, I just need to find a bed & breakfast or a cabin...some form of lodging. Spring break in 30 minutes! YAY!


Kristi said...

This will be so good for you! You need a chance to get away from pressures, family, obligations, and just have fun!

Naida Lee said...

aww.. i have no spring break. :(
have fun!!!! caves!! yay!